Panama's banking district, Panama City

Cosmos Tower is a 25-story appartment-building, 5 parking floors and a commercial ground floor in the center of the banking district of Panama City, attached but independent there are 5 office space floors in the corner of the plot. At that time, it was usual the proposal of apartments that came often in twins and symmetrical configuration only, to propose an apartment building with a wide range of apartments in terms of area and composition was new, the challenge was to maintain uniform and harmoniuos facade despite of its great diversity. Living in a predominantly reflective atmosphere for the prevailing supply of office buildings was achieved without losing the identity of a residential unit. It consists of 21,000 m2 and its construction was completed in 1994.


Victor Cano: Structural
Carlos Santiago Penna Franco: Electrical
Jorge Kiamco: Mechanical


Lot area: 1600.00 m2
Built area: 21000.00 m2
Year: 1992-1995