Herrera, Panama

This is a young couple's house, located in Herrera, where it is easier to obtain good and proud hand labor. It was developed in the middle of an enormous terrain, in the highest point where the horizon and mountains can be gazed at. 3 articulated bodies are placed in cornering points that emulate a small train adjusting itself to the camber of the topographic curve that establishes the level of emplacement. The first wagon contains the work area (kitchen, laundry, maidens room, and parking), the second one features the social area (living room, dining hall, and study room) and the third wagon contains the resting area (bedrooms). In each of the meeting spots, there are triangular gardens with a zenithal light entry.


Ricaurte Bowen: Structural


Lot area: 9357.00 m2
Built area: 396.00 m2
Year: 2010-2011