Panamá, Panamá

This single-family project is developed in Hato Pintado, northwest sector of Panama City. Having a program for basic use - only with two bedrooms - solves the challenge of designing on a limited area in the front, but that is solved by composing a sequence of volumetric scenes, the same ones that are discovered as one enters the residence two-level. The layout of the house achieves an opening towards the back side, where it is projected onto a wide and unbeatable perspective of the city. The precision of the constructive detail - such as design and implementation - is one of the challenges overcome in the proposal of this project.


Edwin Espino: Structural
Teodulo Moreno: Electrical
Teodulo Moreno: Mechanical


Lot area: 719.00 m2
Built area: 387.00 m2
Year: 2010-2012