El Cangrejo, Panama City

In a cornerback lot that measures 1,872.00 m2, in front of Luxor Tower 100 and 200 which were developed by our firm three years ago, this new tower rises and seeks to imitate the curving style and commercial success of the first two. The tower features 125 apartments of varying layouts with a salable area of 21,000.00 m2 which includes a small shopping area on its ground floor that faces the street opposite to the residential access. It will become the third of a total of 5 towers that will be placed in a way that won't obstruct each other and the whole could be appreciated as "rhythmic", where the common areas complement each other while maintaining implicit and harmonious segregation. This project is under construction since November 2013.


Luis García Dutari: Structural
Carlos Santiago Penna Franco: Electrical
Teodulo Moreno: Mechanical


Lot area: 1872.00 m2
Built area: 32500.00 m2
Year: 2013-2016