Panama City, Panamá

It is a total reform to one of the classic Betania chalet where the low sloping ceilings seem to challenge the oppressive heat of our tropics. Located on a corner where one of the streets rises steeply, the original house was oriented with its back to the rest of the free and broken land, it seems that its height in the lot was more interested than its location and orientation, our proposal consisted of taking advantage of the unevenness of the land to locate the 3 garages at horizontal street level so that the excess land that would be produced by the excavation added to the caliche that would come out of the demolition, was used to fill in the patio that was to be the outlet for this small house .


Salvador Jaen: Structural
Carlos Santiago Penna Franco: Electrical


Lot area: 600.00 m2
Built area: 315.00 m2
Year: 1998-1999