LUXOR TOWER 100 & 200

El Cangrejo, Panama City

In a cornerback and triangular lot that measures 3,000.00 m2, where there were trees 20 m high that went along the property, this project was raised which protects the vegetation conserving the pedestrian urban scene that existed for decades and successfully covers the new parking lot. Nearly 30% of the lot is still green with natural grass, while the rest is the footprint of the parking space, and on top, a curving tower that subtly blends into the urban background of Panama City. 135 apartments offered in more the 10 different topologies and the facade remains untouched by the unusual variety in its floorplans.


Luis García Dutari: Structural
Carlos Santiago Penna Franco: Electrical
Jorge Kiamco: Mechanical


Lot area: 3000.00 m2
Built area: 32000.00 m2
Year: 2003-2006