Lima, Peru

With the desert as the background scenery, and 94 Km away from Lima, having a splendid golf court in the foreground, this residence gets erected with a very modern proposal while also being conscious of their environment and the valued cultural legacy of Peru. Marvelous hand labor allowed us to build the concrete mural that integrates with the relief of the Andes Mountains in the background that closes itself towards the street. In the interior, a chimney of polychrome adobe protagonists in the central space. This is an act of respect and admiration for the Pachacamác Ruins that were erected by the Incas of the pre-Columbian era kilometers away, made purely of adobe.


Godofredo Méndez Ch.: Local architect
Luis Alberto Merino C.: Structural
Jaime Alca: Electrical
Roberto Paín: Mechanical


Lot area: 1000.00 m2
Built area: 450.00 m2
Year: 2010-2011